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Moving Past Coworking Into Co-Sharing For Various Industries

The concept of co-sharing is growing. Some have surfaced in the beauty and hairstyling industries, allowing solopreneurs to launch a business with low capital.

For the F&B sector, we have co-sharing studios to learn how to bake intricate cakes from an iPad, and for home cooks to start a business from a co-sharing kitchen.

Most co-sharing spaces offer training and the necessary equipment, as well as the chance to network.

Based on the types of businesses that are taking advantage of such concepts, I noticed that all of them share the same thing: everyone provides a tangible service or product.

Maybe next year we’ll see some co-sharing mechanical workshops, dental clinics, or even carpentry and art studios.

The possibilities seem endless, and we already have a co-farming startup giving smallholder farmers a ready-to-farm space and technology to kickstart their business.

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