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We love it when you leave us happy!
Here's what a few of our lovely clients have to say about their experience.

Francisco Perez

Great atmospheric environment. Feels like a smooth heavenly garden area to me, where I can easily relax and take my breath away. Plus, great haircut with awesome hairstylist experience done by Abang Iz. Worth the service. Love it to the moon and back.

Arthur Lai

Cool environment with great service. Will bring a bottle of champagne next time to go with my haircut.

Anu Vakit

I went to the hip salon yesterday, keith is good at fixing  and styling my hair ... he got the style I wanted,  thanks to grace also for the great service  👍👍👍and also thanks to allie for introducing me to the place ... their coffee is also delicious. they are very accommodating ... the outcome is even better than I thought..thank you again Keith, Grace and Allie ...... thank you Hip salon ...i finally found the right place and right people to take care of my hair👍👍👍👍


Great service by Keith , staff here also friendly.  Nice environment.

Huey Wern

Service was excellent, my experience here was so pleasant. The shampoo they used SMELLS SOOO GOOD TOO!

Yannie Tee

Nice place and nice cut from J 

MP Kan

Professional place and great ambience


The overall experience is great. Friendly receptionist; Excellent haircut by hairstylist Imran. Imran is such a nice guy - from hairstyle to detailed haircut. No doubt about his professionalism.
Thanks for the lovely haircut!

Tweenti Feels

Exquisite ambiance for A SALON like you’ve never seen before. It was a really good deal at RM48 and the private suite made me feel Safe

Benjamin Leong Tack Khang

Great service from Keith and Grace, highly recommended! Cheers
Fantastic haircuts

Great haircuts

Dickson Chua

Nice and comfortable environment.  Friendly staffs.
Experienced stylists

Albert Chong Chee Piao

It's a very good concept.
Master stylist
Affordable haircuts
Professional hair products
Experienced stylists

Guang Tkk

Very pleasant and professional service from Keith - been following him more than 5 years ago.  Salon is clean and tidy as well 

Amelia Low Hsiao Yen

Been following Frederic for years. Always trust him with my hair

Peggie King

the worker here is very patient and friendly.

Wong Li-Li

Just had a fantastic Head Spa treatment (soon to be launched).. My head (& hair) is feeling so so good.! Definite answer to head pampering.! 
And finally a haircut! Thanks Keith for a great job.! Loving the lightness & hair “swing”..

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